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Love at first sight

In 2004 we, Elisabeth and Felix Fernández, discovered the Palauet d'Orsà. We immediately fell in love with this extraordinary place and chose it for our wedding celebration. Or did this place choose us? In any case, it simply did not get out of our minds since then.


In September 2020 our dream came true: we may call this wonderful place our own with its amazing and inviting house. We put a lot of time and passion into making this jewel shine in full splendor again.


Built in 1900

The Palauet d'Orsà is built in neoclassical style. Planned by the well-known architect Jaume Gustà i Bondia, it was built in 1900 as a summer residence for a Barcelona family (Casa Teresa Serra). Externally unchanged, it is a listed building. The well-proportioned building with an almost square base offers in its middle a view through to the Mirador when the portal is open. The cream-colored interior exudes an incredible atmosphere and the view over the small park, over Barcelona to the sea is breathtaking.


During the years 1999 to 2012 the house was run as the "Relais d'Orsà" boutique hotel.


The Palauet d'Orsà is available to rent as an event location since September 2021. Public events such as exhibitions and concerts also take place.

Wedding Table Setting
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